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    Rooms To Go

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    Everything you need to complete the seating area of your dreams comes in a living room set from Rooms To Go. Browse our curated collections full of perfectly paired sectionals, sofas, loveseats, chairs and ottomans, perfect for family rooms, dens, theater rooms, front rooms, drawing rooms and more.

    Take the guesswork out of the decorating process and save money at the same time when you buy a classic living room furniture set under $1000. Shop for colorful suites in dark and light colored shades to complement the home.

    Plenty of Colors

    Pick from a range of color options and find the ideal living room set to fit your vision. Chic neutrals like white, gray, black and beige work beautifully with sleek minimalistic, classic and coastal decor alike. Choose a vibrant hue like orange, yellow or red for standout statement pieces in your den, or earth tones such as brown, blue or green to fit your stylish finished basement.

    Choose Your Decor

    Keep things modern with clean lines and solid hues, try rich leather for a traditional or rustic country living room set feel, or choose a sectional set in glamorous plush or breezy microfiber. Fabric and textured materials are available as well.

    Furnish Any Living Room Size

    With designs that fit your lifestyle and regular furniture sales and specials on our already affordable, Rooms To Go is your best option, where you will find great deals on large, nice quality, matching five, six, seven, eight and ten comfortable living room sets featuring end tables and more. For smaller rooms, choose from whole two, three and four piece set packages to create the perfect comfy vibe.

    Huge Selection of Brands and Styles

    Stylish Rooms To Go furniture living room sets group together all the essentials, to make furnishing your entire sitting room a one-stop shopping trip. Check out the latest popular options from our fashionable brands such as:

    Along with a variety of styles like formal, vintage, oversized, contemporary, mid-century, bohemian, casual, elegant, transitional and upholstered, our living room furniture sets bundle together plenty of premium features. Models with power reclining, USB ports, and hidden storage add yet another layer of comfort and convenience to everyday relaxation. We even offer sets with the TV included.

    High Quality Materials

    Our diverse materials including chenille, polyester and other synthetics make it easy to discover a living room set that fits your home. Whether you're looking for an affordable curved sofa and recliner set to lounge while watching TV, or hoping to build a classy living room with elegant couches and more, Rooms To Go has what you want, at a cheap price you can afford.

    Wholesale Living Room Furniture