3 Ply Automatic Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

TYPE: YK-1800-100,YK-1800-150,YK-2200-200
Product Description

3 Ply Corrugated cardboard production line

The complete corrugated cardboard production line of YIKE GROUP includes the following machines: hydraulic mill roll stand, pre-heater, splicer, single facer, bridge, duplex-preheater, and glue machine, double facer, thin blade slitter scorer, NC cutter and Stacker and ect.

The paper roll is fed to the mill roll stand. After heated and moisture ajusted by the pre-heater, core paper will go to the single facer, corrugated by roller, and gluing together with top paper to become single faced corrugating paper. Then conveyed through the over the bridge, re-heated by duplex preheater, after glued by gluing machine, jointed by the double facer. Then continuous corrugating board comes out.

After slitting and scoring by thin blade slitter scorer and transverse cutting by NC cuter machine, corrugated board with different sizes are produced. Finally, these different size corrugating board will be stacked, calculated and then sent out by the stacker.

 Main technical parameters and requirements in production line

typeWJ100-1600-I type three layer corrugated paperboard production line:

The maximum production width of the corrugated cardboard1600mm

Design speed150m/min

Economic speed80-120m/min

noteProduction line speed test paper should meet the following requirements:(the surface temperature of the equipment is not less than 172℃

Paper rating of not less than B grade        Paper moisture content of about11%±2%

top paper100—250g/m2           core paper100--250g/m2

corrugated paper100—150g/m2

1.Flute-type combinationA CBEas customers’ requirement

2.Steam the necessary requirements

amount of steam 1500—2000Kg/Hr         the highest pressure1.2Mpa

common pressure0.8-1.1Mpa

   6power supply380V     50Hz         Three-phase four-wire system

   7equipment installed total powerabout150KW     

      The actual power consumptionabout 80KW(full speed)

   8equipment coversabout52m×12m×5mSpecific length of foundation Figure prevail

   9Equipment out of paper orientationAccording to the user to determine the transmission plant set left or right position

   10Equipment applicabilityAvailable in A, B, C class domestic or imported paper Paper

Customer-owned section

1steam heating systemproposal with 4000Kg / Hr of a steam boiler    pressure:1.25Mpa    steam pipeline

2air compressed machineair pipelineglue conveying pipe

3power supplywires connected to the operation panel and line pipe

4water sourceswater pipelinesbuckets and so on

5Water, electricity, gas flush mounting civil foundation

6Test with the base papercorn starch (potato)Industrial use caustic sodaborax and other material

7Oil equipmentlubricating oilhydraulic oillubricating grease

8installationcommissioning of food, accommodationAnd provide installers with the installation.

Name of machine3 layer corrugated paperboard production line


Equipment name





Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand



Spindle ¢ 240mm, hyperbolic heavy rocker, expand chuck , multi-point brake, hydraulic drive lifting, panning left and right on the middle.


Paper trolley



track length6000mm,trolley used 10mm plate welding


Top paper preheat cylinder



roller ¢900mmincluding pressure container certificate.Electric adjustment wrap angleWrap angle can  adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.


Top paper preheat cylinder



roller ¢900mmincluding pressure container certificate.Electric adjustment wrap angleWrap angle can  adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.




Multi-cassette  positive pressure single facer



Corrugated main roller 320mmspraying tungsten carbide dealing.electric trailer 10 minutes quick replacement tile rollenergy efficient synchronous belt rotationwith maintenance-free airbag pressureindependent glue unitPLC automatic control glueHMI touch screenBreaks automatic parking relief.


Tile roll quickly change Module



Tile roll diameter: 320mm, tungsten carbide processing module section includes: ends of the axle housing, bearings, steam components, suction box, pneumatic components assembly.


Electric hydraulic quickly change trolley



Large capacity battery, power walking, hydraulic lift, centralized control.


Triple preheater



roller ¢900mmincluding pressure container certificate.Electric adjustment wrap angleWrap angle can  adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.


 glue machine



Glue roller diameter 269mm.Each independent frequency motor drive,PLC adjust glue gap and HMI.


Conveyor bridge



200mm main beam channels, independent inverter motor drive pull paper feed, adsorption tension.


Double facer



Rack 360 mm GB channelChrome hot plate 600 mm *14 pieces,The whole structure of the hot plate design.PLC automatic control press plate. Temperature display, frequency motor.


NCBD thin blade slitter scorer



Tungsten alloy steel,  five knives eight lines,zero-pressure line type. Schneider servo computer automatically discharge knife, suction outlet width automatically adjusted.


NC cutter helical knives



Full AC servo control, energy storage brake, helical blade structure, oil-immersed gears,10.4-inch touch screen display.


computer gantry automatic stacking machine



Servo drive platform lifting, three section of frequency transport,automatic points stack discharge,Imported high-strength belt output, out paper side standard transport aircraft.


Glue station system



Customer-owned pipeline.glue device respectively carrier pot、main pot、storage pot、and send glue pump、back glue pump.


Gas source system



Including 0.6m³gas tank 1 unit.Air pumppipeline is prepared by the customers.


Steam system



Including within equipment pipelines valve、traps、meter and steam elements,customer-supplied heat and piping.


Electrical control cabinet system



Electronic control system: the entire line of electromagnetic speed motor speed control mechanism. Cabinet surface electrostatic spray paint, wear beautiful.


ZJ-V5B hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

structural feature 

★adopt hydraulic drive to complete the paper clamping, loosen, remove for the medium, translation left and right and othersthe lifting of the paper adopts hydraulic drive.

★brake adjustable adopts multipoint braking system.

★every stand matched two sets paper car , and  they can paper on the both sides at the same time. 


technical parameters

1the range of clamping paperMAX1600mm MIN1000mm  2clamping diametersMAX1500mm MIN350mm

3main shaft diameter of paper holder:¢240mm    4gas source work pressureMpa):0.4---0.8Mpa

5equipment sizeLmx4.3*Wmx1.8*Hmx1.6              6single weightMAX4000Kg

Hydraulic system parameters

1、Work pressureMpa:16---18Mpa                2lifting hydraulic cylinder:¢100×440mm   

3、Clamping hydraulic cylinder:¢63×1300m 4hydraulic station motor power3KW --380V -- 50Hz      

5solenoid valve voltage220V  50 Hz

RG-1-900 topcorepaper preheater


structural features

★preheat roller accord the pressure container national standards,and enclose the pressure container certificates and inspection certificate.

★Each roller surface after grinding precision grinding and dealing with hard chrome plating, Surface friction is small, durable

★electromotion adjustment angle, and angle can rotation adjustment the preheat area in the range of  360°

SF-320C fingerless type single facer

structural feature

adopt hood suction structurematched high pressure powerful fan. Gas supply and electrical control cabinet to focus on the same operation, the operating side full cover closed.

High quality resin sand castingwall thickness 200mmAdopt independent gear box, Universal joint transmission structure.

install the lifting trolley on the conveyor bridge,Need to use the car will tile roll assembly and pressure roller, such as convenient and quick.

Glue roller unit structure with the overall relocationMaintenance can sway the machine at the overall maintenanceimprove the working efficiency

The humidity control apparatus equipped with a spray, so flute type to maintain good stability of deformation, avoid dry

Automatic circulation system for glue, two-cylinder pneumatic  gluing device, with good cushioning effect.

NCBD thin blade slitter scorer

Zero Pressure Line

Structural features

Synchronous servo motor control row of knives, cable. Automatic reset. Precise dimensions.change order time 3-8 seconds,the two machines can be achieved with no slow down immediately for a single memory of 999 order,non-stop automatic change order or manual change order can be realized.

Schneider M258PLC control system, using CANopen line system, with order management capabilities, with the dryer speed synchronous signal input.

DM-XLM Automatic small gantry stacking machine

Structural features

gantry stackingChanging single time is 5secondsautomatic counting, automatic cross out automatically for a single.

Synchronized with the production management systemorder mangementCentralized managementdo not slow down automatically for a single.

crawler stacking platformAC servo control movementsStacking smooth, neat;

When stacking reaches a set number of automatic frequency control smooth laterally out of paper

Tailgate AC servo control positioning for a single automatic, rapid, precise adjustment

Tailgate automatically shift for small orders stacking

Corrugated Cardboard Line