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High quality RP Graphite Electrode

HP GRAPHITE ELECTRODES – the Diameters Range From 200 mm to 600 mm HP graphite electrode is mainly used for high power electric arc furnaces with the current density range of 18–25 A/cm2.



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    RP graphite electrodes, referred to moulded columns of graphite, are used as the high temperature conductive material for electric arc furnaces. Regular power graphite electrodes are specified with allowable current density less than 17 A/cm2


    The quality of the graphite electrode determines the productivity and cost of EAF steelmaking.

    As a manufacturer, we also provide UHP grade graphite electrodes and HP grade graphite electrodes for ultra high power or high power electric arc furnaces. In addition to being used in arc furnaces, graphite electrodes are also widely used in submerged arc furnaces and Ladle furnaces.


    • High current carrying capacity;
    • Outstanding resistance to breakage;
    • High resistance to oxidation and thermal shock;
    • Good dimension stability, not easy to deform;
    • High mechanical strength, low electrical resistance;
    • High machining accuracy, good surface finishing.


    Graphite electrodes are widely used for production of alloy steels, metal and other nonmetallic materials, etc.


    • RP Graphite Electrode

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