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PRO-D: DRILL PIPE thread protectors

DRILL PIPE thread protectors (Ø 2 3/8" ÷ 8 5/8") are fully HDPE constructed; the innovative design offer maximum impact resistance with high protection capacity. The threads, cutted by N.C. machines, fulfill all customers needs

The fully HDPE protectors manufactured by Universal Tubi, in addition to the guarantee of total threaded ends protection against corrosion and stresses may occur during handling and stocking, offer the following peculiarity:

  • the dimension of blanks permits to achieve many types of threads per each dimension, so to avoid a lot of of finished protectors supply
  • total recover of material if protector may be damaged (environment respect)
  • the HDPE used is thermal stable from -46°C to +66°C; it is chemically inert and cannot cause corrosion, galling and cannot damage the threaded ends

Dimensional range: Ø 2 3/8" ÷ 8 5/8"

Types of threads: all API range and all premium connection requested by customers.

Drill Pipe Thread Protector